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Serena Serena aus London schrieb am September 23, 2021 um 2:53 pm
Hello Pit, Maive has sent through the information and dates for next year. Paul and I have put it in our diary for 2022 – so all being well – we will be with you. I wanted to ask if this Tour has a limit on numbers attending – as some of my Guzzi friends – who knew Dennis – have enquired if they could come too. Next year is looking busy already. We would like to go to Colombres 2022 as well. Hope to see you next year – Do you have the dates for the Kupferpaste 2022? Very best wishes Serena Powis xx and Paul Harris
Alan Houghton Alan Houghton aus FishguardWales schrieb am September 23, 2021 um 7:03 am
Hola Amigo Pit, What an excellent site you’ve got going in Dennis’s memory, I’ll definitely have to book those dates next year, it looks like I’ll be busy in August as there’s an important Irish rally I go to the last week in August, cancelled for 2 years hopefully it will be back on in 22. Well Pit we’ll miss yo in Colombres, also Mari Carmen’s husband Pepe died this year, she will not be at the rally this year too, and just as we we’re getting to know each other. Life sure is a crazy game some times you never know the hand you’re going to be dealt. Cheers Boyo! Al.H.
Pit Pit aus Urloffen schrieb am September 22, 2021 um 10:00 am
Hello friends, hinterlasst gerne eine kleine Nachricht, das kann auch unter dem Jahr sein, oder halt nach unserem Dennis Memorial Ride in the Black Forest. Das würde mich freuen, auch wenn ihr interessante Link habt zu Lebensart und klassische Motorräder: gerne her damit. Kommt gut durch das Jahr und wir sehen uns. See you soon, Pit ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello friends, Feel free to leave a message, even during the year, or after our Dennis Memorial Ride in the Black Forest. I'd love to hear from you, and if you have any interesting links to lifestyle and classic motorbikes, please feel free to send them in. Have a good year and see you soon. See you soon, Pit

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